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Specializing in Software Tools for the Scientist

BlueQuartz Software is your DREAM3D expert. As one of the prime contributors to the DREAM3D project we have intimate knowledge of DREAM3D and how to best integrate your custom algorithms into the DREAM3D ecosystem.
Custom Software Development for the Scientist and Researcher

Our tools are always cross platform in order to allow the most flexibility to your code base. Let us help you bring your current or next project to more systems with greater ease.

Our custom solutions have given our customers the ability to explore their data faster and with more flexibility than previous solutions have provided.

Core Proficiencies:

Take a look at our current and past projects and see how BlueQuartz Software can assist with your next project.

DREAM.3D Updated

DREAM.3D has been updated with additional filters. Check it out...
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EMMPM Workbench Updated

The EM/MPM Workbench Application has been updated with major new features. Check it out...
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OpenMBIR Released

TEMBIR (Tomographic Environment for Model Based Iterative Reconstruction) has been release. Check it out...
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August 2-6 2014
BlueQuartz Software will be attending the M&M Conference. Stop by to chat about your DREAM3D needs.

July 10,11 2014
BlueQuartz Software will be presenting DREAM3D at the Carnegie Mellon University 3D Microstructure Studies Summer School. More information can be found here.

May 12, 2014
BlueQuartz Software will be attending the 2nd International Conference on 3D Materials Science in Annecy France June 29~July 2 2014.

April 15, 2014
BlueQuartz Software will be presenting at the 2014 Carnegie Mellon University Summer School on 3D Microstructure Studies July 10 & 11 2014. This 2 day course covers 3D microstructure studies and utilizes DREAM3D as the computational Tool of choice.

April 10, 2014
BlueQuartz Software will be attending the MAS EBSD Conference in Pittsburgh Pa June 17~19 2014. If you would like to meet to discuss your needs please email us.

May 21, 2013
BlueQuartz Software is awarded 3 year contract to continue development of DREAM.3D.